Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1/8 Seras Victoria WIP 2

This is going to be the last update before I post some final pictures.

Since the last WIP I masked off the leg and painted the boots and gloves a brown color. Masking was done using mostly Tamiya tape. For some areas I made my own thin tape with a fresh Xacto blade and a ruler. The belt was painted black and then the buckle was painted in gold. The belt was masked off and then the clothes were painted using yellow. The hair was painted using just a lighter yellow. Finally, the band on the right sleeve was painted using grey.

After this all the details were hand painted. These details include the buttons on the clothes, the trim for the collar, the Hellsing badge on the left breast and any minor touchups that were needed. The face was pretty tough, especially the eyes since it is a 1/8 figure and everything is pretty small. I was using a #0 brush but maybe I need to get ones even smaller in order to get the small details.

The base was painted using Delta Creamcoats and Tamiya acrylics. I first used a thinned black to make the light grey stones, then mixed in some Delta Creamcoat browns and oranges to achieve various other colors. After this I used a very thinned out Tamiya black to make a wash and to fill in the gaps between stones. The gaps between cobblestones on the street is usually not stark white (the color of the plaster) simply due to dirt and grime.

I still need to flat coat the face and then use future to make areas such as the eyes and lips more glossy in contrast to the rest of the face. After that I'm planning on building a light box so I can take some good final pictures.

Colors Used:

  • Yellow (clothes) - Tamiya Flat Yellow

  • Light Yellow (hair) - Tamiya Flat Yellow + Tamiya Flat White

  • Brown (boots and glove) - Tamiya Flat Earth + Tamiya Flat Black

  • Red (badge) - Tamiya Flat Red

  • Gold (buckle) - Tamiya Flat Gold

  • Grey (band on sleeve) - Tamiya Flat White + Tamiya Flat Black

  • Black (belt) - Tamiya Flat Black

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